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Loving that whistle sound in the lead at first, very happy and carefree. The glissando in all of the instruments really give it a jovial sound. When the drums come in, I'm totally jamming to it.

Beautiful. The flute is a beautifully lost sound, and the crescendo in the strings along with that piercing piano sound are magnifico!

ZuneInc responds:


AS it picks up at around :54 I find it a very happy and beautiful composition. I quite honestly yearn for this kind of grasp on melodic parts and harmony. The harp part is beautiful, and I'm jealous outright of it. The arrangement of this piece is solid, but the ending is undoubtedly as you stated. As well, the entire piece is fairly dissonant, so even though I can tell the mood is happiness, the sounds just kind of clash. Of course, that's just how I feel about dissonance at all, so feel free to ignore that last critique.

Neon-Bard responds:

No, I completely agree with you about the ending and the piece as a whole. I definitely could have tried harder, that's for sure! I am glad that you found the song to be happy and at times beautiful, it means a lot to know that. Thank you very much for the review! :)

The chords that come in at 1:00 was where I decided how good this song was. It has an indefinite jam to it already that I can't help but get down to. Beyond that, the way the melody progress and continues is really great; very subtle and direct. The way the drums come out from under the filter is really the best kind of subtle, and they arrived with the best rhythm you could have.

Neon-Bard responds:

Hey Koxyx, thanks a lot for the review! :D

"It has an indefinite jam to it already that I can't help but get down to."

That definitely means a lot! If my song has a "jam" or is anything related to the word 'catchy' then that's just awesome to know! I like how you define the melody as having a subtle approach and it's great to hear that everything developed into a solid mix.

Thanks again, it's really appreciated!

I like the way you mix up the drums on it. The synth is pretty cool and trippy. The overall sound is just a little muddling to the background FX (Which, by the way, are totally sick).

Really overall an awesome song. Disliked the out of tune piano bit near beginning, but it's just my personal preference that it didn't agree with my ears. The wobble is fresh and different, the piano is a lot like Blackmill would do, and he's god damn amazing, so props to you. I like the sporadic-like quality to it, too.

Solid build. Great drums. Strings are elegant on long tones, and the pizzicato ones are really superb. Definitely would like to hear the rest.

Smackster responds:

Appreciate the input man!

Dude, that was solid. The whole song had this abstract feel to it. That singer is golden, too.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks. Well, I tried to go more on a polyphonic approach, kind of like baroque music.
Singer is played on my midi keyboard :))

Very nice! The chord strings in the background are superb! This whole thing sounds like an electric guitar choir or something.

Hiya, I love writing music and I want to go to college for it hopefully. Let me know what you think of my work and I'll do you the same!

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